Antipasto Tortelloni Kebabs

Author: Jacqui Bacci | May 18, 2018

Serves: a crowd

Family and friends coming round? Treat them to these delicious Antipasto Tortelloni Kebabs – also perfect take along to an afternoon BBQ! Think salami, bocconcini, olives… and cooked tortelloni.



1 packet of Bacci’s Fresh Prosciutto Tortelloni
1 packet of Bacci’s Fresh Veal Tortellini

plus antipasti, like:
salami slices, folded into rosettes
bocconcini balls
different cheese cubes
prosciutto slices
cocktail tomatoes
fresh basil leaves



Cook our tortelloni as per packet instructions, drain and let cool for about 15 minutes.

Prepare kebab sticks and add tortelloni with alternating antipasti ingredients.


Bacci’s Fresh Tip:

Bacci’s Fresh Tortellini are also great to use instead or have a play with differently coloured cocktail tomoatoes or cheese!